Basic Graphic Conventions

  1. Filled lines represent robust process.
  2. Doted lines represent weak process.
  3. No line represent missing process.
  4. Filled arrow head represent robust commitment (clear practices for making, listening, and managing commitments)
  5. Unfilled arrow head represent missing practices for making, listening and managing commitments.
  6. Straight lines divide four quadrants for every workflow.
  7. Flow of action between service workflows (sw) - sequential or parallel- is shown with light lines arrows.
  8. Layers of sw hierarchies are distinguished by the size of the sw.
  9. The organizing sw -for a particular business role- is should be located at the center of the mapping chart (mc)/ slide.
  10. No more than 2 or 3 layers of sw should be mapped in the same mc to keep simplicity.
  11. Succesive layers of sw should be mapped in succesive mc.
  12. Specific sw are identified by a number that indicates the quadrant and the sw number (1.3; 1.3.6; for succesive layers & sw.